Q Brothers Christmas Carol

November 21

December 31, 2017

The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare

written by Q Brothers Collective 
(GQ, JQ, Jax, Pos)
developed with Rick Boynton
directed by GQ and JQ

Critical Acclaim

"Their writing here is superb: sardonic, wise, smart, funny and, of course, mostly in rhyming couplets…these fascinating Chicago brothers are writing about themselves, their role in culture, their identity as artists, their co-options and creations."

"Downright irresistible...its cast is so physically and verbally agile, and so savvy in their ability to adapt to a whole new meter and method, that it’s a pleasure just to watch them mix it up with such complete brilliance."

PerformInk Chicago
"Not everyone can do what these brothers do. Amidst a heavily concentrated number of Christmas Carol shows in the city, the Q Brothers add an adaptive nerve that sets up a new story while also hitting its spirit....From the moment the doors open to the moment the DJ sets off the afterparty music, the feeling of pride, appreciation, and shared company stays the focus of the experience.... The discernment with the texts juxtaposed with current pop culture and, more importantly, current events, makes for a refreshing take on the classic."

"It’s the kind of piece that walks a fine-line between parody and adaptation; it winks at the audience, pokes fun at itself, but at the same time treats its source material with just the right amount of earned respect. It is a generous production written and performed by real masters of this type of theatrical remix; the poetry is precise and clever, the jokes sharp, and the choreography consistently delightful....The Q Brothers have done a bang-up job distilling the heart of the story into a 75-minute adaptation, but even more, they’ve managed to illuminate and even deepen well-worn territory."

"This musical will have you throwing your hands up in the air thumping and bumping to the music... dancing in your chair and laughing with holiday cheer. All of the actors did an excellent job bringing this classic favorite to life while playing versatile roles....We highly recommend that you treat yourself and your family to some holiday cheer by partaking in this hip-hop sensation on an old holiday classic."

"In the hands of these five clever, creative artists, "A Christmas Carol" has never looked or sounded more meaningful or timely….one of the Windy City’s favorite holiday events, especially among younger, hipper audiences. And it’s a terrific, cleverly-written and utterly captivating piece of theatre that deserves all the high praise it’s receiving."

"★★★★★ A treat to watch. The whole show is geared to have fun and feel as if you are at a party, not a Dickens play!"

"A bold energizing kind of storytelling…this modern take on Dickens’ holiday classic is truly a joy to experience. This show is food for the soul and will have you wanting seconds! Q Brothers Christmas Carol is a new Chicago tradition and it would be a mistake to miss out this holiday season."

"'Q Brothers Christmas Carol' is back at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. The show remains the same—dazzling, and my reaction is unchanged. I was blown away. The show runs without an intermission and its motor never stops. It’s almost impossible to describe the lightning-in-the-bottle uniqueness of the ensemble performance."

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