Peter Pan

June 27

August 19, 2018

CST’s Courtyard Theater

music by George Stiles
lyrics by Anthony Drewe
in a new version by Elliot Davis based on
the book by Willis Hall
directed & choreographed by Amber Mak

Critical Acclaim


"A joyous summertime musical not to be missed! Simply marvelous storytelling...eye-popping flight sequences, bang-up dance numbers and emotionally true performances"

“A packed 75 minutes…your kids or grandkids will have a fun time, and they’ll feel like they are at a big musical. Warmly and sincerely produced and the production values — flying machinery and all — are stellar.”

“Sheer perfection”

"A grand-scale family musical with an exemplary cast and design team. It has all the energy and magic necessary to keep young audiences the same time, the adult aspects of the story emerge with particular clarity."

"Top-notch and ever-enchanting"

“Full of youthful energy, optimism and pluck… clever staging and child-like wonder will have even the most cynical among us clapping to keep Tinkerbell alive. Not only the perfect introduction for future musical theater lovers but a treat for those of us who’ve grown up a bit since our first show, too.”

“A soaring delight for both kids and adults
…Amber Mak's Chicago Shakespeare directing debut uses imaginative staging, set design, and choreography to bring the book to life, inspiring wide-eyed awe from most junior audience members.”

“This spectacular summer production is as polished and first-rate as anything seen on Broadway or the West End.
Thoroughly captivating…totally immerses audiences in this spellbinding world. A summer production that should not be missed.”

“Most of us are familiar with the story about the boy who wouldn’t grow up, based on J.M. Barrie's beloved tale, Peter Pan, penned over a century ago but the CST production takes the story to new heights with gorgeous sets, special effects and superb casting--making this Pan, one you won't want to miss.”

“Chock full of dazzling moments that will delight children and adults alike. Puts audiences front-and-center for the high-flying magic that's in store, and makes a spectacular introduction to live theater for young audiences…captures all the magic of the classic story of the boy who refuses to grow up in just 75 minutes.”

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