Othello: The Remix

March 13

August 4, 2013

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

a hip-hop adaptation of
William Shakespeare’s Othello
written, directed and music by GQ and JQ
developed with Rick Boynton

The 90-minute, lightening-fast, hip-hop version of Shakespeare's tragic tale is absolutely brilliant

Chicago Sun-Times

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The Play

Following an acclaimed international tour and triumphant homecoming to sold-out audiences in Chicago, this fresh urban take on Shakespeare’s tragedy is spun out and lyrically rewritten over original beats by The Q Brothers—America’s leading re-interpreters of Shakespeare through hip-hop. Whether you’re looking for a rockin’ night of rhythm and rhyme or a new way to think about Shakespeare, Othello: The Remix delivers an intense, high energy spin like no other.



Video: Othello: The Remix - Montage

Othello: The Remix

Audio: Talk Back with the Q Brothers


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The Players

Creative Team

GQ Creator/Director

JQ Creator/Director

Rick Boynton CST Creative Producer

Scott Davis Scenic and Costume Designer

Jesse Klug Lighting Designer

James Savage Sound Designer

Melissa Veal Wig and Make-up Designer

Sophie Grimm Additional Vocals


Jackson Doran Cassio/Emilia

Postell Pringle Othello

GQ Iago, Brabantio

JQ Roderigo, Loco Vito, Bianca

Clayton Stamper DJ

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