Belarus Free Theatre's

Minsk 2011, A Reply to Kathy Acker

January 20

February 3, 2013

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

A World’s Stage Production from Belarus

Vladimir Scherban


Vladimir Scherban is the associate director of Belarus Free Theatre. He became a director at the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre in 1999 but was dismissed in 2006 for his activities establishing Belarus Free Theatre. Various performances by Shcherban in Belarus have been cancelled, and he has been detained for his professional activities. In 2008 together with Nicolai Khalezin and Natalia Kaliada, he helped found Fortinbras, the only underground arts school in Belarus. Productions directed for Belarus Free Theatre include: 4.48. Psychosis,We.Self-Identification, We.Belliwood, Technique of Breezing in a Vacuum, Zone of Silence, Being Harold Pinter, A Flower for Pina Bausch and New York ’79 , Minsk, 2011: A Reply to Kathy Acker, as well as King Lear for the "Globe to Globe" festival for the Cultural Olympics in London, premiering at The Globe Shakespeare's Theatre on May 17-18, 2012.

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