The Merry Wives of Windsor

December 3

January 19, 2014

in CST's Courtyard Theater

by William Shakespeare
directed by Barbara Gaines

Critical Acclaim


Chicago Tribune
“With winter’s rushed arrival, we could use a hearty chuckle. Merry throughout, this "Merry Wives" is bursting at the seams with savvy staging ideas. Gaines' expansive and hugely energetic new production is suitable for a broad swath of the family…and contains a riot of color and action.”


Chicago Sun-Times
“An elaborate, warm-hearted, exuberantly acted production. Gaines has deftly updated “Merry Wives” to post-World War II England, where soldiers who have returned from the battlefield find women who are now feeling their oats, and where everyone bursts into song or swing dancing to the pop tunes of the period.”

     Hugely entertaining… it’s hard to imagine it being performed any better”

Chicago Stage and Cinema
“Very merry indeed! Barbara Gaines’ sumptuous staging of Shakespeare’s comedy is hilarious. As always with this company, it’s also as gorgeous to behold as to hear. We really feel the town of Windsor all around us, bustling with activity.”

     As soon as the curtain came down, I wanted to see it again. A face paced laugh out loud evening worthy of the best of Chicago’s comedy tradition. This show has everything: evocative and magical sets, a trio of show stealing dogs, singing and dancing! If you have young people about who need to get into the habit of theater, taking them here will make you a hero.”
“A cheerful romp…it’s everything you want in a holiday farce.  There are snow flurries, adorable dogs and a happy ending. Director Barbara Gaines impressively steers her large and talented cast through the swirling, high energy frolic.”

     This is one to see! You owe it to yourself to make the trip to Navy Pier for a comical delight. The cast truly makes us laugh and care and Ms. Gaines has assembled Chicago’s finest to bring this production to life.”


Audience Response



“Marvelous…. I haven't laughed so much in years”
–AGoodCupOfJoe, TripAdvisor


“Terrific…loved the entire cast, human & canine alike.” “Most fun you'll ever have at a Shakespeare play!”
–Patri.Wood, Twitter  

“Amazingly good time”
–Patrick M., Facebook  

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