Ionesco Suite

October 15 - 19, 2014

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

from Eugène Ionesco
directed by Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota

Emmanuel Demarcy Mota


Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota was born on June 19, 1970, the son of Portuguese actress Teresa Mota and French director and playwright Richard Demarcy. He founded the Compagnie des Mille fontaines in 1988 and was director of La Comédie de Reims, Centre dramatique national from 2002 to 2008. He has directed Théâtre de la Ville since 2008, and has served as general director of the Festival d’Automne in Paris since 2011. Among the many works Demarcy-Mota has directed for the stage are Caligula by Albert Camus (Lycée Rodin, 1988); The Suicide by Nicolaï Erdman (Paris V University, 1990); The Story of the Soldier by Ramuz (Théâtre de la Commune d’Aubervilliers, 1993-1994); Leonce and Lena by Büchner (Théâtre de la Commune d’Aubervilliers, 1995-1996); Love’s Labour’s Lost by Shakespeare (Blanc Mesnil and Théâtre de la Ville, 1998-1999); Marat Sade by Peter Weiss (Théâtre de la Commune d’Aubervilliers, 2000), Six Characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello (2001), Le Diable en partage, L’Inattendu (Théâtre de la Bastille, 2001-2003), and Ma vie de chandelle , all by Fabrice Melquiot (CDN de Reims, Théâtre de la Ville, 2004); Rhinoceros by Ionesco (Théâtre de la Ville, 2004-2006); Marcia Hesse by Melquiot (CDN de Reims, Théâtre de la Ville, 2005-2007); L’Autre Côté, an opera by Bruno Mantovani (Festival Musica, Strasbourg, 2006); Tanto Amor Des-perdiçado by Shakespeare (bilingual French-Portuguese version, TeatroNacional Dona Maria II Lisbon , International Naples Festival, 2007); Man Is Man by Brecht (Théâtre de la Ville, 2007); Casimir and Caroline by Horváth and Wanted Petula (Théâtre de la Ville, 2009) and Bouli année zéro, both by Melquiot (Théâtre de la Ville, 2010); Rhinoceros by Ionesco (restaging, Théâtre de la Ville, 2011); Victor or Power to the Children by Roger Vitrac (Théâtre de la Ville, 2012) and Le Faiseur (Mercadet) by Balzac (Théâtre de la Ville - Abbesses, March 2014).

He is currently rehearsing for the restaging of Six Characters in Search of an Author by Pirandello.

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