The Heir Apparent

November 29, 2015

January 17, 2016

in CST's Courtyard Theater

written by David Ives, adapted from
Le Légataire universel
by Jean-François Regnard
directed by John Rando

The Story

Paris, 1708. Eraste, in love with the lovely Isabelle, has a problem. Her mother, the dread Madame Argante, has stipulated that Eraste must be named sole heir to his miserly uncle Geronte’s will or else Eraste cannot marry Isabelle. Eraste’s servant Crispin desperately wants this to happen because he’s in love with Lisette, Geronte’s maid.  Nephew Eraste tries to wheedle himself into the old man’s graces when his uncle drops a bomb:  not only is Eraste out of the will, the old man himself is planning to marry Isabelle—at three o’clock this afternoon. Matters get still worse as Geronte reveals his plans to leave large chunks of his fortune to two newly found relatives: a nephew from America and his niece, the pork heiress. Scruple, Geronte’s remarkably small lawyer, is due to come over and write up the old man’s will any second, so there’s no choice but for the young lovers and the two crafty servants to take matters into their own hands.  Just wait and écoutez!  

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