Ontroerend Goed's

Fight Night

October 23

November 4, 2018

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

a WorldStage Production from Belgium
written by Alexander Devriendt, Angelo Tijssens, & the Cast
directed by Alexander Devriendt

About the Company

Ontroerend Goed, a Belgian company based in Ghent, explores the space between theater and performance. It consists of young designers who write and produce shows rooted in the here and now. In inviting the public to watch but also to take part in the show, they ask the question of how we, as individuals, position ourselves in today's world. Ontroerend Goed consists of Alexander Devriendt, Angelo Tijssens, Babette Poncelet, Charlotte De Bruyne, David Bauwens, Jeffrey Caen, Joeri Smet, Karen Van Ginderachter, Karolien De Bleser, and Wim Smet.

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