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This Pre•Amble is available to stream on demand at any time. Run time is 27 minutes.

How to Watch: This Pre•Amble can be viewed on a wide variety of devices: computer, phone, tablet, and most SmartTVs.

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Stephen Bennett earned his PhD in English and American Literature at New York University, where he was a Dean's Dissertation Fellow. His dissertation, Reading Elizabeth: Menopause and the Cult of the Virgin Queen, explores how and why representations of Elizabeth I changed at her menopause and at her death. During a nearly 20-year career teaching literature and writing at the college level, he became increasingly fascinated with how a K-12 education prepares students for college, and he is now a teacher at Eli Whitney Elementary School in Chicago. He has also taught at Roosevelt University, New York University, and the University of Utah.


PRESENTED BY   The John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe Inquiry and Exploration Series


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