one step at a time like this'

en route

July 12

September 17, 2011

A pedestrian-based live art event
in the City of Chicago
by one step at a time like this, Australia

Critical Acclaim

“      If you take my fervent recommendation and go see "en route"—the title of a wholly individual performance experiment currently on offer in downtown Chicago—I guarantee you'll see this city in a way you have never seen it before. It doesn't matter if you're born and bred, recently transplanted or reading this in the lobby of your hotel, the experience will be just as revelatory. And unlike almost any other piece of theater you'll have seen, you will feel very much alone.”

“       This is, intentionally, an utterly unrepeatable experience, as knowing the next step would remove the throbbing sense of uncertain exhilaration to be found on this wholly unconventional performative-solo-walking-tour.”

“Created specifically for Chicago, “en route” is an intricate maze of an art piece/interactive theater event that combines elements of a scavenger hunt and “Mission: Impossible” to fully bring to life the immortal words of Shakespeare: “All the world’s a stage.” “en route” isn’t a show that you “see,” it’s something you “do.” And I can’t say this emphatically enough: “Go do it!”

En Route … gives the gift of sight. Their piece isn't about getting us to see the city, but about getting us to see, period. And I'd say that in my case, for a precious interval that started during En Route but outlasted it by a couple hours, that happened. Somewhere along the line, the sound track, the changes of scene, the instructions, the indeterminacy of it all combined to tear me loose from my intentions and allow me to do the sort of seeing that starts with a willingness to tell yourself you've got nowhere else to be and nothing you need to do. I temporarily forgot to want anything.”


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