Ride the Cyclone

September 29

November 8, 2015

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

book, music and lyrics by
Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell
directed and choreographed
by Rachel Rockwell

Developing New Works

Inspired by the brilliance of William Shakespeare, we identify, support and nurture writers and creators whose ideas are as big and audacious as our “resident” playwright. These voices are crucial to our mission and make our artistic life at CST richer and stronger.

Three years ago director Rachel Rockwell, with whom we have shared a long and fruitful artistic relationship, sent me a script and score to a
new musical, called Ride the Cyclone. Rachel had seen the piece performed in Canada and was considering working on it with the writers, Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell, for a United States premiere.

I will never forget reading it and hearing the music for the first time. When I finished, I sat in my chair, stunned and wholly surprised by what I had just listened to and read. It was daring, fresh, darkly funny, and it packed an emotional punch that stayed with me for a very long time. The show was bold and full of big ideas. The combination of a fabulous pastiche score, a quirky and unique point of view, a deliciously dark sense of humor, and the poignant exploration of a life well-lived was something that resonated deeply—and we could not pass up the opportunity to work on it. We knew we wanted to share this signature musical with our audience.

For the past two years, we have collaborated with Brooke, Jacob and Rachel, developing Ride the Cyclone for its U.S. premiere here at CST. Now we are excited to add you to our creative venture.

Rick Boynton
Creative Producer

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