A Q Brothers' Christmas Carol

November 19

December 31, 2014

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

written by GQ, JQ, Jackson Doran
and Postell Pringle
developed with Rick Boynton
directed by GQ and JQ

Critical Acclaim

Their writing here is superb: sardonic, wise, smart, funny and, of course, mostly in rhyming couplets…these fascinating Chicago brothers are writing about themselves, their role in culture, their identity as artists, their co-options and creations. 

Downright irresistible...its cast is so physically and verbally agile, and so savvy in their ability to adapt to a whole new meter and method, that it’s a pleasure just to watch them mix it up with such complete brilliance.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED—These eighty glorious minutes of boom-box beats get into your blood and bones—and inevitably they reach the heart...Unstoppable, unbeatable, relentless, four-star fun.

Pure, unadulterated joy. If I could turn in a review that was just 500 smiley face emoticons, I would…And I haven’t seen any other show in 2014 that has made me feel that way.

It is so impressive to see young artists pursue their dream, work hard and are fortunate enough to receive the recognition and acclaim that they deserve. Ultimately, it is equally gratifying to have it grow into a huge success. Aside from their unique talent and international success, they are fortunate to have the support of the Chicago Shakespeare Theater community and supporters.

Postell Pringle, Jackson Doran, GQ and JQ... are all spectacular in dominating the dense rap language, their motors running from first moment to final blackout.

Audience Response

“These guys were AWESOME! The show was fantastic, "A Q Brother's Hip-Hop Xmas Carol" is MY new annual holiday tradition ;D”
–Robin T., Facebook  

“Yeah, so can we talk about the @QBrothers1 though? Because I saw #QChristmas yesterday @chicagoshakes & was moved to tears by the brilliance”
–Adia, Twitter  

“@QBrothers1 show at @chicagoshakes last night was AMAZING!!! I need to see it again before it closes!! #onewordthreesyllables”
–Lindsay, Twitter  

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