Cheek by Jowl + Pushkin Theatre, Moscow's

Measure for Measure

January 27 - 31, 2016

at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

A World's Stage Production from Russia
by William Shakespeare
directed by Declan Donnellan
designed by Nick Ormerod

Yuri Rumyantsev


Mr. Rumyantsev graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts in 1964 and was employed by the Pushkin Theatre the same year. Mr. Rumyantsev has played in more than sixty productions for the theater, with roles including: Marek in The Good Soldier Schweik, Vozhak in The Optimistic Tragedy, Spiegelberg and Schufterle in The Robbers, Moiseika in Ward Number 6, Fedka and Lebedyakin in The Demons and Zemlyanika in The Government Inspector. Mr. Rumyantsev has taught at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts since 2001.

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