September 12 - 22, 2018

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

a WorldStage Production from Belgium
created & performed by Valentijn Dhaenens

About the Creator

After obtaining a master’s degree in Dramatic Arts at the Hogeschool in Antwerp, Valentijn co-founded his own theater company, SKaGeN. From 2006, the company has been rewarded with structural subsidy from the Flemish/Belgian Government for its work as one of the leading modern theater groups in Belgium and Holland. Since 2000, Valentijn has worked mostly in theater with over 30 productions (3 in English), and also in film and television.

Film credits include: The Boy Is Gone; Code 37; Aspe, 2012; De Hoer En Het Meisje, Pelgrim; Où Va La Nuit, 2011; Copacabana and Nachtraven, 2010, among others.

TV credits include: Louis La Broncante; Zone Stad, 2011; Oud België, 2010; Witse, 2005; Recht Op Recht, 2000.

Theater credits include: Fight Night; CCC, 2013; Uncle Vanya, 2012; Berlin Alexanderplatz; The Enthousiasts, 2010; Wonderland / After Alice In Wonderland; Degrotemond; Selection Theatre Festival Belgium; TF Holland 2009/10; After the Kingdom and Lars Von Trier 2009, among numerous others.

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