Belarus Free Theatre's

Being Harold Pinter

February 17 - 21, 2011

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

A World's Stage Production
from Belarus
adapted and directed by Vladimir Scherban
produced by Nikolai Khalezin
and Natalia Koliada

Artsem Zhaliazniak

Theater Manager/Stage Manager/International Coordinator

Artsem Zhaliazniak has worked as a freelance cameraman, editor, sound designer, and graphics animator since 2007. He joined Belarus Free Theatre as a communications and audio-visual assistant. He was the cameraman, sound assistant, and editor for a documentary film project The Last, it Lasts by Nikolai Khalezin and Natalia Kaliada, shot in various countries in the European Union and Central Africa. During his studies at Minsk State Linguistic University, he worked as an assistant to the director at Belarus State Film Company on three full feature productions. Mr. Zhaliazniak currently resides outside of Belarus because of forced military service conscription.

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