Beauty and the Beast

June 28

August 26, 2012

in CST's Courtyard Theater

music by Alan Menken
lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
book by Linda Woolverton
directed by Rachel Rockwell

Your Very Own Beast

With a story such as this one, passed down for hundreds of years, details often change. The original Beauty and the Beast was written in 1740 by a French writer named Madame de Villeneuve. In her story, the beast was much meaner. And instead of having long hair and a snout like a lion, he was slimy and had a long and crooked nose.

Draw your own idea of what the beast may look like! Is he long and scaly like a snake? Does he have big, sharp teeth or no teeth at all? Does he walk on seven legs?

Remember, it's your beast—have fun with it!

Next, think of the qualities that make your beast unique! Does he play the guitar? Is he a good cook? Is he mean or is he nice? Write on your paper or tell a grown-up a story of how you would spend a day with your beast.

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