Beauty and the Beast

June 28

August 26, 2012

in CST's Courtyard Theater

music by Alan Menken
lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
book by Linda Woolverton
directed by Rachel Rockwell

Your Enchanted Castle

When the people who work in the Beast's castle are transformed into household objects by the spell, the objects they become tell us about their personality. Cogsworth was in charge of keeping things on schedule at the castle, and he becomes a clock. Lumiere, with his bright personality and job of greeting guests, becomes a candelabra.

What object would you become if you lived in an enchanted castle? What object would your grown-up become? Move your arms and legs like you are those objects. What kinds of things can you do as your object? What can't you do? How would your objects interact? Why did you and your grown-up choose these objects?

Have an adventure around your home, and see what kind of enchantments you can find!

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