Beauty and the Beast

June 28

August 26, 2012

in CST's Courtyard Theater

music by Alan Menken
lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
book by Linda Woolverton
directed by Rachel Rockwell

Critical Acclaim

      The stock of talent is eye-popping. But it's the imagination behind this staging that makes this show so surprising and special; Rockwell has no current peer in town when it comes to conceiving family entertainment. A show that re-tells its story with a level of truth that it has not seen since—heck, I don't think I've ever seen this show staged with such simple honestly. It should be noted, this show, which is being performed during the day on Navy Pier, is offering tickets for $25. For that very affordable sum (with a parking discount to boot), you get A-list, Chicago-based talents.”

“Highly Recommended! When it comes to family entertainment, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater never scrimps and never dumbs down. Rachel Rockwell is pure A-list, as is the large, marvelously gifted cast. [She] brings a dynamism and clarity to everything and everyone in this story. While Broadway seats could easily exceed the $100 mark, at Chicago Shakespeare you can have a far more intimate experience, with the highest production values, and nab a ticket for as low as $18 and not more than $25. A real beauty of a show that, most crucially of all, never forgets to touch your heart.”

“Chicago Shakespeare Theater has built its reputation on excellent quality productions reflecting Shakespeare's love of storytelling, language and human emotion. That has carried through to its Family Series as well. After seeing this beautiful production, I'm more convinced than ever that CST is a best bet for families. A must-see before summer ends!”

“Chicago's current must-see family production! So what makes CST's production so wonderfully special? Two words: Rachel Rockwell. As director, choreographer and innovative visionary, Ms. Rockwell makes this 70-minute version's professional premiere feel anything but abbreviated, especially when it comes to talent, creativity and enchanting kid appeal. Every element of the production bewitches the audience.”

DuPage Mamas

“The show is, simply put, FABULOUS! To pull off this show with a cast of only 15 is incredible, but this cast and Rachel Rockwell had the entire audience entranced. This style of theater makes for such an interactive, enchanting way for little kids to be exposed to live see [the story] unfold right in front of their eyes was a truly magical experience. Makes you feel as if YOU are on stage in the middle of it all! I can't tell you enough times how much I recommend this show. Don't miss this show! Seriously”

      Directed by the brilliant Rachel Rockwell, who truly knows that value of allowing the entire family the opportunity to share their theater experience. This is a perfect show in oh, so many ways...a sharper and cleaner piece for true family ensemble that is small in numbers but huge in talent. ”

“The best musical production of the summer! The director is Rachel Rockwell, the hottest director of musicals in the area. The cast list is loaded with stars of the adult musical theater in Chicagoland. A children’s play has rarely looked and sounded this good...sincere and moving. The performers seem to be having a ball and their exuberance is contagious. CST deserves congratulations for going the extra mile in casting and designing and staging this show, the best I’ve seen any summer on Navy Pier since the halcyon days of The Wizard of Oz.”

     From the first bonjour to the final bow, Chicago Shakespeare Theater has a vibrant, feel-good hit on its hands. Jeff-nominated director and choreographer Rachel Rockwell accentuates the positive: her Beauty and the Beast is short but sweet, and truly enjoyable for little ones and adults alike. Her cast of veteran Chicago actors are ebullient in their energy and dedication to storytelling. Each performer accomplishes the difficult feat of getting down to a child's level without patronizing—and kids can tell.”

“Highly recommended. Director Rachel Rockwell keeps surprising me because every show that I see I think is her best and yet this one is the best! The voices are flawless, the characters are having so much fun. This is by far the best children's show I have seen and my 5 year old agrees. ”

“Highly Recommended! They've done it again! The Chicago Shakespeare Theater's production of Beauty and the Beast enchants the audience. These CST Family Productions never disappoint. They are truly the best theater buys in all of Chicagoland—for audiences all ages! A delightful romp through vivid songs and dazzling choreography. Kudos to director, choreographer Rachel Rockwell. Don't miss this production!”


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