Makuyeika Colectivo


October 23 - 27, 2019

Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare

a WorldStage production from México
directed by Héctor Flores Komatsu 

The writing is intensely poetic and personal...they are at once passionate artists and fierce cultural warriors.


Theater at its most are learning about the complexities of tradition clashing against modernity.


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The Play

Woven from ancestral myths, traditional music and arts, and a three-person narrative, Andares reveals the extraordinary, untold stories of the indigenous people who inhabit México’s most remote corners. Created by Director Héctor Flores Komatsu from his personal search to know and understand the original cultures of his homeland, Andares is a moving, fierce denunciation against a present that seems intent upon destroying what was once held as sacred.



Video: “True theatrical magic” hails Cartelera de Teatro

Gallery: Creating Andares

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Critical Acclaim

"A vivid example of how inheritance can be kept alive,” praises WTTW Chicago Tonight.
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A Note from the Director

Héctor Flores Komatsu shares the genesis of Makuyeika from his journeys in México.
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Setting the Scene for Andares

Learn about the distinct cultures featured in Andares, and their geographic locations in México.
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The Players

Creative Team

Héctor Flores Komatsu Director / Playwright / Scenic Design Concept

Raymundo Pavón Lozano Music

Jesus Giles Scenic Painting

Bryan Guerrero Lighting Design

Arantxa Peláez Cházaro Original Lyrics for "Aguanieve"

Nicté Cházaro Assistant Director

Caitlin Body Stage Manager


Josué Maychi 

Domingo Mijangos 

Lupe de la Cruz 

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