The Adventures of Pinocchio

July 13

August 28, 2011

in CST's Courtyard Theater

music and lyrics by Neil Bartram
book by Brian Hill
directed by Rachel Rockwell

Choice Power

People face choices every day, just like Pinocchio does. Let’s explore how choices affect you!

  • 1 Room, Many Choices 
    Choose a room where you live. Enter the room and choose where in the room you go! Choose something to do in that room. (Do you eat an orange or an apple? Do you read a book or play a video game? Do you sit or stand?) Make at least 5 choices in the room. Now go back and make 10 different choices in the same room. How different are your experiences? Which did you enjoy more? Discuss with your grown-up!
  • Choice Journal 
    Create a “choice journal.” List the choices you make for a whole afternoon! Keep the piece of paper with you, and fill it in when you make choices. Can you track your choices for a whole day? At the end of the day read your list with your grown-up. How do you think your day would have been different if you had made different choices?
  • Pinocchio’s Choices (for those who are familiar with the story already!)
    Think about the choices Pinocchio makes in the story and talk about them with your grown-up. Do you remember what choices make his nose grow? What choices get him into trouble? What might have happened if he had made different choices? Which ones do you think were hardest or easiest for him?
  • Tough Choices
    Pinocchio has trouble deciding between doing what’s right and wrong. Do we always know what the best thing to do is? Write a story (or dictate one to an adult) about a time you had a tough decision to make. How did you make your choice? What happened after you made your choice? What if you had made a different decision, what do you imagine would happen then? Practice reading your story aloud.  

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