The Adventures of Pinocchio

July 13

August 28, 2011

in CST's Courtyard Theater

music and lyrics by Neil Bartram
book by Brian Hill
directed by Rachel Rockwell

Calling all Grown-ups!

About the Author 
Read about Carlo Collodi, the author of the beloved classic The Adventures of Pinocchio.

Pinocchio, Then and Now 
NPR's Book reviewer and Vogue film critic John Powers read the original Collodi story and chronicles the changes that have occurred from the original story through to its modern adaptations (including the popular Disney movie).

The Original The Adventures of Pinocchio 
Chicago Shakespeare Theater's new musical production is an adaptation of an old fairy tale, but do you know the original story?

Pinocchio's Italian Roots 
The Italian Tribune celebrates the full history of Collodi’s original tale, through its many interpretations, publications and films.

About Marionettes 
In The Adventures of Pinocchio, Gepetto carves a marionette out of wood and names it Pinocchio. Learn about the history of marionettes and how these beautiful puppets are made.

The Creators' Blog 
Follow Brian Hill and Neil Bartram on their blog about their current projects and how they approach their work.

Scholar's Perspective on Marionettes
Scholar Heinrich Von Kleist explores the role and history of Marionettes as European art and entertainment.

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