Dramatis Personae

Ragueneau              Poetry-loving baker
Duenna                    Roxane’s chaperone
Lise                          Ragueneau’s wife
Ligniere                    Poet inciting de Guiche’s antipathy
Cuigy                        Minor noble
Rose                        Theater’s food vendor
Montfleury                Popular leading actor of the day who harbors conflict with Cyrano
Jodelet                     Head of the opening scene’s theater company
Valvert                     Minor noble/puppet suitor for de Guiche

Cyrano                     Larger-than-life Gascon who commands both sword and pen
Christian                  New member of The Guards
De Guiche               Nobleman wedded to Cardinal Richelieu’s niece
Le Bret                    Cyrano’s friend and member of The Guards
Bertrandou             Fifer in Gascon regiment

Roxane                   Cyrano’s cousin/beloved of Cyrano, Christian, and de Guiche
Mother Marguerite  Mother Superior of the convent
Sister Claire            Nun
Sister Marthe          Nun

Guard, Young Woman, Patron (2), Marquis, Valet, Poets (3), Cadets (3), Crowd, Servant, Musician, Pickpocket, Spectator, Precieuse (2), Envoy, Cooks (2), Customer, Capuchin, Sentries (2), Gascons (5)



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