Salute from Civic Leaders

Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago
“Chicago Shakespeare Theater is one of Chicago’s cultural treasures and I am proud to see them recognized for bringing the arts to more students throughout our city. With Chicago becoming a global destination for art and theater, it is essential that we provide rich cultural experiences to every child in every neighborhood. I commend Chicago Shakespeare Theater for partnering with our public schools through programs like CPS Shakespeare! so more children have access to a high-quality education in the arts.”

Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CEO, Chicago Public Schools
“Through the first ever arts education plan, a comprehensive strategy is in place to address access to all art forms at more than 600 schools across the city. Our partnership with Chicago Shakespeare is a prime example of the power of theater for students and teachers. The innovative program harnesses the power of the arts in order to reframe the traditional classroom dynamic and to promote risk-taking, collaboration, personal exploration and creative discovery.”

Richard Durbin, United States Senator, State of Illinois
“Chicago is a leader in the field of arts education, with its rich cultural community and a dedication to serving students. Chicago Shakespeare Theater, in the entrepreneurial spirit of the state of Illinois, has partnered with Chicago Public Schools to create CPS Shakespeare!; a program that encourages students to discover their own personal values and initiative, and collaborate cross-culturally with students from all across Chicago. The program gives students an opportunity to express themselves and build confidence through arts education, making their time at CPS a truly transformative experience.”

Ra Joy, Executive Director, Arts Alliance Illinois
CPS Shakespeare! is a multigenerational and multicultural ensemble of Chicago Public School teachers and students. I’ve had the privilege of seeing a performance first hand and can attest to its relevance and significance to Chicago’s students and communities. Students develop the skills they will need for success in the 21st century workforce: creativity, innovation, critical-thinking and communication skills. This program helps students realize their untapped potential as scholars and leaders.”

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