Measure for Measure

This fall, Chicago Shakespeare’s Courtyard Theater transforms into a sultry Havana nightclub for a fiery reimagining of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. Celebrated director Henry Godinez sets the play in 1950s Cuba, as political unrest simmers beneath a world of music, glamour, and sensuality.

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Escape the lakefront chill for sunny Havana @ChicagoShakes! Celebrated director Henry Godinez brings Measure for Measure to life in 1950s Cuba, as political unrest simmers beneath a world of glamour, music, and sensuality. Through November 27.

Don’t miss the music and glamour of #cstMeasure, bringing Shakespeare’s fiery play to life 1950s Cuba, as political unrest simmers beneath a world of glamour, music, and sensuality. Through November 27 @chicagoshakes.

Political unrest simmers beneath a world of glamour, music, and sensuality. Don’t miss Shakespeare’s fiery “Measure for Measure”—brought to life in 1950s Cuba. Through November 27. @chicagoshakes #cstMeasure 


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Don’t miss Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s fiery Measure for Measure, playing through November 27

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.” Celebrated director Henry Godinez brings Shakespeare’s searing play to vivid life amidst the glamour, music, and sensuality of 1950s Cuba, just before Fidel Castro seizes power. Havana is the carefree playground of the rich, the famous—and the corrupt—while a revolution brews. As the city sinks into moral disrepair, the Duke hands power to Angelo, who zealously enforces an archaic statute of chastity. When Isabel comes to plead for mercy for her condemned brother Claudio, the depths of raw power’s depravity are shockingly revealed.

Arrive early to immerse yourself in the sultry world of the play, as the Courtyard Theater transforms into a dazzling Havana nightclub. Enjoy performances of mambo, bolero, and Afro-Cuban jazz in a mesmerizing prologue to the production. Book now:




at Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier
800 E. Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60611



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