IDEA To Action


We will be vigilant in centering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility as foundational aspects of our professional development program. We strive to better educate our staff, leadership and Board of Directors around the principles IDEA and transform our culture into one that advances racial, social, and economic justice.

Our Objectives

  • Implement a standardized company-wide annual performance review process that includes employee’s engagement with Chicago Shakespeare’s IDEA commitments and objectives.
  • Increase the level of engagement and participation in IDEA competencies, values, and initiatives on the part of all managers to ensure leaders are embracing our core values and commitment to IDEA.
  • Develop and implement required IDEA and anti-racism training across the workforce (i.e., anti-harassment, unconscious bias training, sensitivity training, diverse talent training, cross-cultural training, language guide, etc.) so that all employees have the opportunity to build awareness, knowledge, and skills. Create a process for tracking training, both internal and external, to certify engagement.
  • Provide ongoing professional development training to help managers support, evaluate, coach, and retain staff members.
  • Regularly conduct, analyze, and document organizational climate assessments, including employee surveys and exit interviews, to gather feedback from employees about their experiences with the Theater’s policies, practices, and IDEA objectives; use data to inform organizational decision-making.
  • Research best practices in other arts organizations around the use of "Codes of Conduct" to articulate expectations of culture, core values, and commitment to IDEA.
  • Regularly update the Employee Handbook to better reflect current policies and practices related to IDEA commitments.
  • Create ongoing opportunities for employees to engage in dialogue about the Theater’s artistic choices.
  • Establish an Employee Appreciation Program to reward employees for exceptional demonstrations of Chicago Shakespeare’s core values.

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