IDEA To Action


Leading by example, the Theater’s leadership team and Board of Directors make the advancement of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility a foremost priority. Members of the leadership team are accountable for what is working and what is not and are not afraid to lead for change. Leaders approach the future with humility and to address the areas that need improvement. 

Our Objectives

  • Standardize the Theater’s onboarding process to reflect the organization's IDEA commitments, ensuring that all leadership staff are fully informed and take ownership in advancing the work.
  • Develop and implement required management training and professional development for leadership and managers incorporating principles and practices encompassed in the Theater's core values, IDEA commitments and objectives, and Employee Handbook. Create a process for tracking training.
  • Create a method to track employees identified for leadership potential and development reflective of the Theater's IDEA objectives.
  • Consider recruitment and succession planning informed by the Theater's IDEA commitment during strategic planning on an institutional, programmatic, and departmental level. 

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