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Chicago Shakespeare’s shared values are essential to our company’s mission. Building on our foundational commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility, these values further guide our decisions and behaviors and shape our culture:


We take pride in sharing our time, talents, and resources with our community. We strive to be present and available to the individuals and organizations with whom we engage—enriching and uplifting one another to create a mutually beneficial shared experience. We consider ourselves enthusiastic ambassadors of Chicago Shakespeare and its programs, mission, and core values, while also being steadfast advocates for those we serve.


Believing that innovation is the source of positive change, we freely exchange ideas about how we can best approach our work, striving always to improve our practices and programming. We meet challenges with a spirit of positivity, curiosity, and creativity—exploring non-traditional solutions, taking calculated risks, and embracing new strategies along the way.


We embody the theatrical spirit of collaboration in every aspect of our work, and highlight the importance of each individual’s role in advancing our shared goals. We actively listen and communicate clearly and effectively. We honor and respect one another and our identities, and recognize our unique differences as key to our collective success. 

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Our Core Values: Service, Ingenuity, Collaboration

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